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These are our current and past projects that we are undertaking to protect and enhance the Sassafras Creek Nature Conservation Reserve.

Habitat restoration for 7 threatened species in the Secret Garden, Sassafras Creek Nature Conservation Reserve

 A 2021 Community and Volunteer Action Grant from the Victorian Government - Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning for $47,993.

This project will:

  • remove competition of various woody weeds affecting the remnant Cool Temperate Rainforest in the Secret Garden

  • revegetating the area with rainforest plants

  • monitor wildlife with spotlight survey and Lyrebird survey

  • host a workshop with students and a seminar on female Lyrebirds. 


Restoration of Sassafras Creek Nature Conservation Reserve

A grant from Melbourne Water for $7,546


The aim of this project is to restore Sassafras Creek Nature Conservation Reserve after the June 2021 storm.

This project will:

  • remove remaining re-emerging Sycamore and other weeds form areas worked in previous years

  • gain access to the area after the storm damage.


Seed Collecting

We now have an agreement for collecting rainforest seeds and other materials to propagate, for use in our revegetation activities across our various projects.


Melbourne Water Community Grant - Beagleys Bridge

A grant from Melbourne Water for $6,205.


The aim of this project was to do weed control and revegetation in the area around Beagleys Bridge off Perrins Creek Road. The timing of this project was delayed due to COVID restrictions, however we removed a lot of weeds and replaced them with native plants. This project ran from December 2019 to February 2021.

Planting day

Port Phillip and Westernport CMA Victorian Landcare Grant

A grant from PPWCMA for $17,200.


The aim of this project was continue restoration of the Perrins Creek Headwaters at the Secret Garden.

This project:

  • engaged contractors to help with weed removal

  • removed woody weeds including Sycamore Maple and English Holly

  • Revegetated with native plants.

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